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As the Red Carpet Rolled Out, Arthritis Stepped In

Womens eNews - Fri, 12 Aug 2011 22:56 GMT
Author: Womens eNews
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Overtaking Disease Today, because of the unusually hot weather, every woman's feet were most likely hurting, but my pain was from rheumatoid arthritis, a disease that was taking over my body and, unfortunately, my life. The medical definition of rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that causes chronic inflammation of the joints and also other organs. Autoimmune diseases are illnesses that occur when the body's tissues are mistakenly attacked by their own immune system. The immune system contains a complex organization of cells and antibodies designed normally to seek and destroy invaders of the body, particularly infections. The definition that really hit home for me was simply when my doctor said that my immune system was attacking itself, actually eating away at my own bones and joints. Today that was exactly what it felt like. The gnawing made my insides scream with pain each time I made the slightest movement with my feet, or the smallest shift of a leg. A tiny step felt like bits of gravel were grinding against the bones in my feet. Even when I was standing completely still my body ached, but I had to keep my outside together. Shelly and I sought out a place in the shade even though the celebrity viewing was not as good. "Shelly, I'm melting," I complained, dabbing at my forehead, trying not to disturb my makeup. "It's not too bad. Maybe you're just overheated," he said, distracted by all the hoopla. "Maybe," I replied. I didn't want to let on that I was having one of my bad days. Lately there had been far too many bad days and I had decided my husband ought not to have to deal with every one, especially at the Academy Awards.

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