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Drawing on Reuters reputation for first class business and economic reporting, we run media programmes that aim to open up the financial world and bring prosperity to communities

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Economics and finance can seem complicated or even boring subjects to journalists and the wider public.  But the news media is more vital than ever in ensuring that financial decisions can be made based on rigorous, impartial and timely information whilst holding policy makers and industry players accountable for their actions.

The Reuters news agency has thrived for over 150 years thanks to an insatiable demand for financial news and understanding the role business journalism plays in any country's wider development.  Our programmes bring this firsthand experince to journalists wherever they are.
  • Reporting Liberia's extractive industries

    Mining and other extractive industries could make a major contribution to Liberia's development - if managed wisely and in the interests of citizens. This programme supports independent media in Liberia to produce accurate and insightful coverage of the sector. 

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  • Reporting extractives in Côte d’Ivoire and Guinea

    The Thomson Reuters Foundation is building the capacity of journalists in Côte d’Ivoire and Guinea to produce high-quality coverage of mining and other extractive industries, with the objective of providing better information to citizens and informing policy. 

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  • Economic and Political Reporting in South Eastern Europe

    The news media in Southeast Europe is increasingly required to report on complex economic, financial and political issues. Lacking the appropriate experience journalists are under-prepared to provide the public with an adequate coverage of economic and political transitional process. In 2007, Robert Bosch Stiftung and Thomson Reuters Foundation initiated the programme “Economic and Political Reporting from Southeast Europe” for journalists from the Balkans.

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  • Sport and Society

    Sport has played an important role in society for thousands of years.  Around the world, it brings people together from all backgrounds and all walks of life.  The UN even recognises the benefits of sport as a ‘low-cost and high-impact tool in humanitarian, development and peace-building efforts… an important investment in the present and future’. 

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  • Wealth of Nations - Illicit finance (NORAD)

    Wealth of Nations is an award-winning programme run by the Thomson Reuters Foundation in collaboration with some of Africa's leading organisations promoting excellence in journalism. The project is supported by Norway’s development agency, Norad.

    Wealth of Nations was named the winner of the International Capacity Building category at the British Expertise International Awards 2017, which recognise outstanding international work done by UK-based organisations. 

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  • European Forum Alpbach 2018 - Diversity and Resilience

    Thomson Reuters Foundation, in partnership with the European Forum Alpbach and with the support of the National Endowment for Democracy, will run a reporting workshop, 'Diversity and Resilience in a Rapidly Changing World' for ten journalists from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) EU member states at the European Alpbach Forum from the 25th-31st August.During the programme, participants will be able to examine the relationship between 'Diversity and Resilience' together with a host of experts from the worlds of business, politics, culture and civil society.

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  • 'The Source' - first class business news in Zimbabwe

    The Source is an online independent business and financial news platform headquartered in Harare, Zimbabwe, delivering accurate breaking news and in-depth analysis. The service was established by the Thomson Reuters Foundation in 2013, and provides free syndication to other Zimbabwean news outlets in an attempt to foster improvements in the country’s journalistic standards and its professional media environment.

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  • Business and Financial Reporting

    Our financial and business news reporting courses help journalists develop their skills in news gathering and presentation with a strong emphasis on accuracy, balance, sourcing the news, the need for background and explanation, a suitable story structure and following up additional questions raised by stories. The courses also focus on improving participants’ understanding of national and international markets and business environments.

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