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Celebrating 10 Years of Connections for Impact

The Thomson Reuters Foundation is celebrating its 10 year anniversary in 2018! Watch a special message from our CEO on the power of connections and how the Foundation has grown over the past decade. Find out more

Taking the fight against forced labour to the World Economic Forum
Foundation incorporates Citiscope to expand coverage of cities
Feature highlighting inequality in Nairobi slum makes local splash
Business as usual following Thomson Reuters' partnership with Blackstone
News Picks

Denial then defiance: Former sex slave in Argentina fights for justice

"At first, I denied seeing myself as a victim. I denied any help. But when I heard myself speaking out loud I realised it wasn't okay"

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"Silent in fear": refugee women in Malaysia unprotected against violence

"He would hit me if he was not happy. If I cried, he covered my mouth with a pillow so our neighbours could not hear me"

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Booming Indian cities look to bike sharing to put brakes on congestion

"Bike sharing is a viable option for Indian cities - we just need good quality bikes, dedicated lanes and a system that is efficient"

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