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Connections for Impact: The importance of trust in public impact journalism

We spoke to Alan Rusbridger, Chair of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, about the power of connections and the importance of trust in journalism today. Find out more

Foundation launches Toolkit to help the US Banks Alliance fight human trafficking
Anti-slavery sneakers to be auctioned by Phillips New York to support the Foundation
TRF leads workshop in Kenya on promoting gender equality and women’s rights
FEATURE - How are islands innovating in the face of climate change?
News Picks

Death by Diamonds: Suicides wipe the shine off India's gem trade

Investigation uncovers a pattern of suicides - many shrouded in silence - in the industry that cuts and polishes 90 percent of gems sold globally

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Fighting global warming, one cow belch at a time

Scientists are looking at how to breed animals that burp less and adjust their diets to reduce harmful methane emissions

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In job-short South Africa, 'dating service' gets young people into work

South Africa has huge youth unemployment - but a system to find and prepare jobs for those with few chances is having an impact

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