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Stonewall 50: Where next for LGBT+ lives?

Stonewall 50 marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern LGBT+ movement. But exclusive research by the Thomson Reuters Foundation reveals that gay and trans rights around the world are stalling in the face of a conservative and religious backlash. Find out more

TrustLaw wins Best Collaboration Initiative at the Lawyer Awards
New MA in International Journalism launched with the University of Lincoln
TRF helps secure milestone victory for EU whistleblower protection
Journalist training held in Brazil as country looks to strengthen fight against slavery
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EXCLUSIVE-Major companies found using courts to avoid Brazil's slave labor 'dirty list'

About 370,000 people in Brazil - a country of about 210 million - are modern-day slaves

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Indian factories found endangering seamstresses' health with illegal pills

Garment workers say they have been given unnamed drugs at work for period pains, which have led to health problems

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Running Dry: Competing for water on a thirsty planet

Growing populations, more farming and economic growth, climate change and a rush of people to cities all are increasing pressure on the world's limited water supplies

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