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Connections for Impact: The power of global pro bono

This month, we put the spotlight on our TrustLaw network, and discuss the power of pro bono to connect people and change lives. Find out more

2018 TrustLaw Awards winners announced; value of hours donated totals $134M
We launch the world's largest news and information source on modern slavery
Introducing Openly, our impartial LGBT+ news platform
Training the next generation of young Arab media professionals
News Picks

Nigeria's trafficking curse: the battle to dispel the black magic behind sex slavery

A rising number of women have been lured in recent years from impoverished lives in southern Nigeria to Europe with the promise of lucrative work, many ending up selling sex

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LGBT-friendly Berlin mosque deradicalises Muslim youth

More than 5,000 Europeans - most from Britain, France, Germany and Belgium - have joined fighters in Syria and Iraq

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Dutch cities spy beauty in trash recycled for parks and crafts

Artistic projects in Dutch cities aim to highlight the scourge of urban waste and transform it into something useful

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