Dina Hamdy

Senior Project Manager

Dina joined the Media Development team in 2018 to apply her strong experience of working in the Middle East to the management of media and journalism projects. Dina has a strong media and political background, having started her career as a journalist in Saudi Arabia covering the energy sector, international politics, and economy. She then worked as a political analyst for seven years with the FCO in the British Embassy in Cairo, focusing on the role of media on the political scene, political parties, and election coverage, with a special focus on the role of political Islam in Egypt and the Arab world. Dina also worked as a regional project manager for two years, on enhancing rule of law and good governance, where the FCO partnered with UNDP Beirut to work on capacity building for Arab prosecutors. After the Egyptian revolution in 2011, Dina worked extensively on building a network of contacts with the new influencers in political groups, traditional and digital media outlets, and social media forums. In London, she has worked as a media and political advisor to the UAE embassy before joining TRF earlier this year. Dina is a bilingual native Arabic speaker, and has a BA in English from Goldsmiths, College, University of London, and an MA in Middle East Studies from American University in Cairo.