Handling Media Interviews

Course Type: In-Company | Course Category: Media Training

Pricing in-company

Corporate Groups £3,000 per day (6 -12 delegates) – Charities up to 25% discount.

Course Introduction

Dealing smartly with journalists and giving the interviews you want

What's it about?

Being able to harness the power of the media in today’s highly competitive market is one of the most valuable business skills you can have. Knowing how to present your message, respond to media questioning and work with journalists can be vital to your success. This workshop will help you understand journalists and how media organisations function. It will share skills on how to deliver your core message and how to make the most of your actual physical presence: dress, body language, facial expression and tone of voice.

Who should attend?

This workshop would benefit anyone who deals with the media in any way, from fielding requests for comment to conducting print, TV or radio interviews.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how a journalist works
  • Have more confidence and competence in front of any audience
  • Develop incisive and accessible media messages to sell a story
  • Structure clear arguments and deploy memorable facts and context
  • Explain complex issues in a simple way to TV, radio and print journalists
  • Gain more control in interviews
  • Prepare quickly and effectively for interviews and press conferences
  • Anticipate skepticism and confront or “bridge” away from difficult questions
  • Handle gaffes, nerves, tough questions and difficult reporters


Participants will better understand what motivates a journalist and how to conduct an effective interview with composure.

Course Structure Highlights

  • The Media Landscape
  • Newsworthiness & News Values
  • Message development
  • Message delivery
  • Dealing with the media
  • Dreaded questions & difficult reporters
  • Controlling the interview
  • Conduct interview exercises
  • Tricks & Traps
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Following up
  • Building connections and a network