Media Training For Civil Society

Course Type: In-Company | Course Category: Media Training

Pricing in-company

Corporate Groups £3,000 per day (6 -12 delegates) – Charities up to 25% discount.

Course Introduction

Harnessing the power of media for charities and NGOs

What's it about?

The media can be your greatest ally if you know how to use it. This advanced workshop will show you how to structure a media strategy that will get people on side with your campaign and organisation.

Delegates will learn how to create a media strategy using all of the tools available to them in terms of print media, broadcast and social media. We will give you all the understanding you need to be a successful campaigner. We will also focus on crisis management and look at how to turn a negative into a positive.

Who should attend?

This course is perfect for anyone who has had prior experience with the media and it is a strong follow-on from our Media Training programme. The course is tailored to support those working in the public sector, charities, NGOs, or social enterprises.

Learning outcomes

  • An understanding of the media process and how to work with journalists
  • How to analyse, engage and keep your audience on your side
  • Ability to develop an effective campaign strategy
  • Interview skills
  • How to deal with media crises and announce bad news


Participants will benefit from an increased understanding of how the media operates and how to engage them effectively in campaigns.

Course Structure Highlights

  • Understanding complex audiences and what drives them
  • Getting your message across concisely
  • Creating new and exciting angles
  • How to keep control of interviews
  • Crisis management- what to do in case of an emergency
  • Using reactive situations to your advantage
  • Understanding Integrated Communications
  • Developing sophisticated monitoring and evaluation of your media presence