Effective Media Relations

Course Type: In-Company | Course Category: Media Training

Pricing in-company

Corporate Groups £3,000 per day (6 -12 delegates) – Charities up to 25% discount.

Course Introduction

Communicating and building relationships with the media to get your results

What's it about?

Building solid relationships based with the media is a vital part of any communications strategy. Your message, brand and reputation hinge largely on how the public perceives you. The media – whether traditional, digital or social – is an important player in this. This course helps participants understand the media, its challenges and goals. It also helps participants develop strategies and skills for dealing with the media in a professional, responsible and fair manner. In particular, this course will provide practical insight into how journalists and news outlets use social media for their work and how public relations and communications professionals can engage with them on these platforms.

Who should attend?

This workshop targets media professionals in companies, as well as private and public organisations. Potential delegates could include e-content officers, communication managers, marketing specialists, social media specialists and communication strategists.

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding journalists and news organizations
  • Understanding current media trends and challenges e.g. fake news, opinion journalism etc
  • How to build a media strategy and protocol
  • Ethics for dealing with journalists
  • Knowing how to network and nurture relationships


Participants will better understand how the media works and what motivates journalists. They will become more capable of presenting their messages and brands in ways that will engage journalists.

Course Structure Highlights

  • The current media landscape
  • How the media is adapting to change
  • The growing importance of email and internet use
  • Media strategies: traditional (text and broadcast), digital, social Scenarios and imitation   
  • Brand Journalism: the new publicity
  • Adapting to change: knowing how journalists research, report and promote news and content
  • The importance and dangers of social media