Google Analytics

Course Type: In-Company | Course Category: Digital & Marketing

Pricing in-company

Corporate Groups £3,000 per day (6 -12 delegates) – Charities up to 25% discount.

Course Introduction

Knowing what matters in marketing and applying to enhance business communications

What's it about?

Organisations receive regular reports from Google Analytics but often have no real idea what they mean. This introductory course is designed to highlight what matters most for a marketer in this powerful reporting tool. In addition, it will help attendees to understand what actions to take in common circumstances and how to tailor activities to enhance your business objectives.

Who should attend?

This course is for any communications or marketing manager, digital executive or business person who is getting Google Analytics reports. This course requires you to have access to a fully working Google Analytics account for a website, preferably with either User or Admin access to the Account.

Learning outcomes

  • Access the meaning and value from Google Analytics reports on your website
  • Use and interpret content reports to measure what visitors are doing on your site
  • Identify quality traffic and drivers of revenue and conversions to action
  • Track campaigns, search (paid and non-paid), email, social, display, affiliates
  • Extract actionable insights from the analytics reports to suggest performance improvements


Your organisation will start to understand the real value of its website investment, giving an objective insight to the engagement and goals being reached by your target audience. Your organisation will be better equipped to perform in multi-channel digital marketing.

Course Structure Highlights

  • Understanding where Web Analytics fits into your marketing insights mix
  • Defining the purposes of your websites and producing key performance measurements and metrics that fit the goals defined
  • How Google Analytics collects information, uses cookies and the information it tracks
  • Structures, Accounts, Profiles and Users
  • Google Analytics Interface and Dashboard configuration
  • Reports - navigating and interrogation
  • Metrics and Measurement types
  • Engagement - evaluating content use by visitors
  • Goals & Events - defining and valuing actions on site
  • How to use and interpret Content Reports to report what visitors are doing on your site
  • The different traffic sources to your site
  • How to identify quality traffic and drivers of revenue and conversions to action
  • How to track Search both Paid & Non-Paid
  • Campaign tracking for Social , Email and Display Marketing
  • How to analyse AdWords keyword positions and creatives for better performance
  • How to track the performance of text, display and video ads on Google’s Content Network
  • The purpose of using goals and how to assign meaningful goal values
  • How to configure and interpret the “Funnel Visualization” report
  • E-commerce Tracking
  • Product, Transactions and Multichannel conversion reporting