Making Video News

Course Type: In-Company | Course Category: Media Training

Pricing in-company

Corporate Groups £3,000 per day (6 -12 delegates) – Charities up to 25% discount.

Course Introduction

Filming and producing compelling and informed news reports

What's it about?

In a world of smart phones and YouTube, the skill to produce informed, high-quality and engaging video news is rare. This workshop will share the various disciplines within the industry and will equip journalists with the basic skills and understanding necessary to produce a compelling video news story. Participants will learn useful techniques, become familiar with broadcast terms, and develop the art of visual storytelling while applying professional standards and ethics.

Who should attend?

This course targets those with some experience of basic journalistic skills, and who now need to learn more about all aspects of video news production. It is relevant to all journalists working with video on a full or part-time basis, including camera operators, reporters and producers.

Learning outcomes

  • Analyse video with a more informed and critical eye
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the different video production techniques
  • Produce a compelling video news report
  • Communicate effectively with other members of the video production team


Participants will gain new skills and a better understanding of what makes good video and TV. They will be better able to produce high-impact video news reports from reporting to editing.

Course Structure Highlights

  • Words and Pictures
  • Bad TV and Good TV
  • Preparation & Research
  • Focus
  • Storyboarding & Structure
  • Camerawork
  • Scripting
  • Intros and Pieces To Camera
  • Editing