TrustLaw Training & Events

We run accredited legal training on social enterprise and impact investing, as well as capacity building workshops and webinars, to provide practical guidance on relevant legal issues.


Our training in this area focuses on legal issues and trends in the burgeoning social innovation sector, and provides lawyers with the skills and knowledge they need to advise clients.

This course combines hands-on legal training with practical case studies and excellent networking opportunities, facilitating strategic discussions and the sharing of best practices in social innovation.

Participants will be able to advise on appropriate business structures and funding models, and understand how to align the competing interests of investors, social enterprises and social finance intermediaries.



  • TrustLaw -Entrenamiento Legal: Empresas Sociales e Inversiones con Impacto
    Mexico City
    Martes 24 de octubre 2017
  • TrustLaw Training: Social Enterprise & Impact Investing
    3 October 2017
    5 October 2017
    10 October 2017
  • TrustLaw Training: Social Enterprise & Impact Investing
    New York
    12 September 2017
    13 September 2017
  • TrustLaw Training: Social Enterprise & Impact Investing
    19 October 2016
    25 October 2016
    27 October 2016
  • TrustLaw Training: Social Enterprise & Impact Investing
    San Francisco
    13 September 2016
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We run workshops in person and online throughout the year for both existing and prospective members.

Our legal workshops and webinars aim to introduce participants to the benefits of the TrustLaw service, walk them through the member journey and help tailor our pro bono legal service to their specific needs. Attendees are also trained on common legal issues encountered by NGOs and social enterprises.

By covering a broad spectrum of legal matters, these events are designed to help NGOs and social enterprises identify issues on which legal advice might be needed and explore how pro bono support can help them achieve greater impact.



  • TrustLaw Awards 2018
    New York City
    26 September 2018
  • Workshop: Principales aspectos legales para las ONG y empresas sociales
    Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia,Bilbao
    21, 28 Sept & 5, 10 Oct
  • Amplifying Impact through Law:
    Legal Clinic for Organisations Promoting the Rights of Women, Children & the LGBTI Community
    6 September 2018
  • Webinar on free legal assistance to NGOs and Social Enterprises in Bangladesh
    3 September 2018
  • Webinar: The Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act’ (FCRA) and its impact on charities in India
    25 July 2018
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