Reporting Sustainable Development and Migration
Dates: 02 October 03 October | Location: Johannesburg
Application deadline: 28 September | Programme: Reporting Sustainable Development

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In partnership with the United Nations Foundation, Thomson Reuters Foundation has been training journalists and communications professionals worldwide since 2015 to raise the level of conversation about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to great success.

The latest series of courses to be added to the programme aims to train 120 journalists on covering the Goals, with a particular focus on migration. The Johannesburg workshop will run October 2-3.

The intensive two-day training programme aims to provide journalists and journalism students with information, tools and strategies to understand the complex issues surrounding the SDGs. The workshops will enable journalists to better report the SDGs, especially in the context of migration.

We are seeking applications from journalists and journalism students focusing on sustainability and migration reporting with a maximum of five years’ experience – OR journalists with more experience and who have not covered this topic before, but who have a marked interest in starting to cover sustainable development.

Journalists who cover local communities, where the achievement of these new sustainability goals might really make an impact, as well as nationwide, will be very welcome. We are not looking for applicants who are already experts in covering sustainable development and migration.

We are particularly keen to find participants based in Johannesburg. If based elsewhere, travel and accommodation are not covered. The course itself is free of charge.

Those interested should click “Apply” and fill out the form. You will need to include two published work samples (not necessarily related to sustainability and migration) and a brief statement on why you believe you should cover SDGs and be selected to attend our workshop, including details about when you started working in journalism.

Reporting Sustainable Development
  • Thomson Reuters Foundation's partnership with the UN Foundation has seen more than 700 journalists, government and non-governmental communicators from 40 countries trained on reporting the complex set of new Sustainable Development Goals. The programme aims to show how integral environment and sustainability issues are to political, economic and humanitarian news stories. It also raises the profile of international development projects that are often underreported but have the power to transform global living standards.

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