Introduction to Strategy and Planning

Course Type: In-Company | Course Category: Strategic Communications

Course Introduction

Turning plans into realities by successfully implementing strategy

What's it about?

A well-structured, clearly presented and logical framework for turning strategy into actual activity is vital for an organisation. This workshop provides an overview of the strategy implementation process, alerting you to potential pitfalls and highlighting challenges and opportunities. It is designed to help you better understand and grow more familiar with the step-by-step process needed for successful implementation.

Who should attend?

This workshop is for managers who are involved in, or responsible for implementing their organisation’s strategy. This could include managers who are leading teams, business units or business development programmes. The workshop would also help those who are involved in their organisation’s strategy implementation from key functions, such as the marketing and sales teams, finance and operations.

Learning outcomes

  • Translate high-level strategy into practical goals and objectives
  • Develop the culture needed for effective strategy implementation
  • Identify and make plans to fill any key gaps in your organisation’s capability
  • Build and lead strategy implementation teams
  • Use tools and techniques to win and retain stakeholder support
  • Establish a balanced performance management system
  • Ensure that the key learning points are used to strengthen delivery capability


The best plans in the world cannot achieve anything unless they are properly implemented. This workshop provides a framework for the effective and efficient implementation of any strategy. Participants will learn how to fit actions to timeframes and better understand and organisation’s culture.

Course Structure Highlights

  • Strategy implementation – the key challenges and barriers to organisational success
  • The key principles for strategy implementation success
  • A high level framework for strategy implementation within an organisation
  • Understanding the key requirements of the ‘start point’ for strategy implementation
  • Building the right foundations for successful strategy implementation within an organisation
  • Identifying and managing key stakeholder relationships
  • Identifying and building your desired organisational culture
  • Establishing effective strategy implementation teams
  • Initiation and execution of key elements of strategy implementation
  • Journey management, to ensure timely delivery of key activities
  • Learning, growing and building on implementation experience

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