Campaign Planning & Management

Course Type: In-Company | Course Category: Strategic Communications

Course Introduction

Engaging customers and supporters more powerfully

What's it about?

Audience engagement is vital to building business and raising awareness. By adding value and applying a co-ordinated promotion or marketing campaign, organisations can achieve greater impact. This workshop provides participants with a deeper understanding of how to select the appropriate marketing vehicle and understand how this fits strategically within the broader campaign. It gives an overview of the many behavioural techniques available that can lead to a desired change.

Who should attend?

This workshop would benefit those working in marketing who are new to promotional and awareness campaigns. It would also help those who perform marketing and sales support, as well as thos involved with communications or brand devlopment. Anyone looking to learn more about how promotional campaigns impact on business targets would also benefit.

Learning outcomes

  • How to select and integrate relevant promotion tools 
  • Evaluate and improve communication activities to powerfully influence behavioural change 
  • Get more out of agencies and support services
  • Build brand and complement brand activations through promotion
  • Set realistic and achievable objectives
  • Develop and understand effective and ineffective sales promotion initiatives
  • Exploit a toolbox of techniques and mechanics of sales promotion
  • Match promotion tactics with promotion objectives


You will learn how to apply integrated thinking to promotional marketing campaigns, evaluate and improve your mix of promotion tools and ensure that the different tools are blended to best effect. Your confidence will improve when selecting, managing and briefing internal and external partners. Your understanding of how to influence behavioural change will be sharpened.You will see how and why the best organisations leverage brand and insight through promotion.

Course Structure Highlights

  • Modern promotional mix fundamentals refresher
  • The role of sales promotion in today’s integrated communications bundle
  • Why promote and how to integrate?
  • Integrated off and online promotion techniques
  • Mechanics for different objectives
  • Consumer and trade behaviours
  • Brand constraints of promotional activity
  • Optimising agency briefs and briefings
  • Best practice guidelines
  • Case studies: product promotions, recent campaigns, successes and failures

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