Marketing: Measurement & Evaluation

Course Type: In-Company | Course Category: Strategic Communications

Course Introduction

Assessing the efficiency and impact of your marketing strategy

What's it about?

Ensuring activity stays within budget is crucial for all organisations and accountable marketing goes a long way towards managing the numbers. This course will help you develop a more quantitative approach to the development, implementation and evaluation of your marketing plans, utilising appropriate metrics to assess both the efficiency and effectiveness of your strategy and tactics.

Who should attend?

This workshop would benefit anyone involved in marketing activities but particularly those responsible for measuring and evaluating their marketing and expenditure.

Learning outcomes

  • Design appropriate marketing metrics (with relevant formulae)
  • Develop marketing plans with the emphasis on implementation, evaluation and feedback
  • Measure the efficiency and effectiveness of strategic (customer) and tactical marketing (mix) activities – including digital/social media metrics
  • Determine what works and what doesn’t and allocate your marketing budget accordingly
  • Establish links (statistical) between market activities, performance and results
  • Create a ‘Marketing Dashboard’ or ‘Scorecard’ to focus effort and assess effectiveness and ROI
  • Ensure that marketing is seen as accountable and adding value


Participants completing this workshop will have the skills and confidence to develop a metrics-oriented approach that can help your organisation achieve more with the resources available. Marketing plan will become more efficient and effective, resulting in an improved return on marketing investment.

Course Structure Highlights

  • Understanding the ‘what, why, how, who, when and where’ of marketing metrics
  • Designing metrics (using a template) and calculating formulae
  • Exploring value-oriented marketing (the value equation, customer, shareholder and brand value – including the new ISO10668 brand valuation standard)
  • Strategic and tactical metrics workshop (client/customer/consumer and marketing mix, including digital marketing)
  • Metrics case study - identifying and integrating key metrics
  • Using performance measurement frameworks, such as the Balanced Scorecard
  • Using IT in both marketing and measurement
  • Understanding the testing and measurement options available
  • Understanding econometrics (‘state of the art’ marketing measurement)
  • Preparing and delivering your ‘Marketing Metrics Presentation’ – including ‘Marketing Dashboard’

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