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Updated: Tue, 19 Mar 2013

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The distinction between news and advocacy - and understanding the difference - is critical for communications staff when reaching out to the media. That's true whether your message needs to be conveyed in a live press conference or on-camera interview, via a press release or a report, or in posts on social media platforms.

We can help you communicate what you have to say with clarity and sophistication. Our courses are ideal for PR and communications professionals who need to develop media-friendly stories for local, domestic and international news organisations, and manage difficult issues or crises. The focus is on developing and delivering messages to print, TV and radio journalists in a clear and confident way.

Most of our media communications trainers are former Reuters journalists, who bring the expertise and experience of working for the world’s largest news agency to modern media communications settings. They can provide succinct, up-to-date advice on the current local, regional or global outlook of the media at any particular time. And they can draw upon the resources and experience of Thomson Reuters global bureaux to localise content and engage relevant contacts, including guest speakers.

Enquiries and bookings for Media Training can be made here.

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Our media training workshops are customised in consultation with each organisation to meet its specific needs.

We emphasise practical training, using real or professionally simulated examples and role-play to hone skills and build confidence.  This is combined with constant peer-review and individual and group feedback, to maximize positive outcomes in a short time. Video footage and up-to-date press clips, based on the resources of Reuters Television and others, are used where appropriate, and audio-visual presentations are carefully balanced with practical exercises and discussions. 

We can provide intensive specialised training for key staff to give live camera interviews and press conferences, and interviews for broadcast or print. Analysis of clients’ own material such as press releases can be included. We also offer Effective Writing Skills workshops which include real-time editing of written pieces, with individual and peer review, in a lively, non-intimidating environment.

Participants also receive guidance on dealing with media crises and coping with sensitive issues. Participants are coached on how to describe their work or answer in fresh and engaging ways.

Our workshops can be delivered at your office location, or at the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s dedicated training facilities in London and New York City. They can be run in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and Arabic.

For more information, get in touch.

Our Clients:Back to top

United Nations:  Thomson Reuters Foundation has trained more than 2000 UN staff from a broad range of agencies, including UNICEF, the World Food Programme, UNDP, UNHT, UNOCHA, UNISDR and IFAD. We run more than a dozen workshops for UN staff each year, in over a dozen countries including Bangladesh, Thailand, Ethiopia, Senegal, Uganda, Sweden, Italy, Benin, Nepal, South Africa, Jordan, the Maldives, Somalia, Malawi, Barbados, Kenya, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan.

World Bank:  The Foundation has run bespoke training for more than 130 World Bank staff, and intensive one-on-one sessions for departmental directors.

International Finance Corporation:  We work regularly with the IFC to enable staff to effectively communicate ongoing work with businesses in developing countries.  We also run media training for businesses that the IFC supports, to help in-country staff to communicate effectively with domestic and international media outlets.

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