Equality and Tolerance

We work with journalists to make sure issues that can be perceived as controversial or divisive are covered fairly and with impartiality, recognising the role the news media plays in giving people a voice.

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The world is full of examples of social upheaval and under-reported suffering caused by misunderstandings, intolerance towards others or cultural pressures. These issues could relate to LGBT communities, FGM practices, modern day slavery, women's rights, or simply disagreements and misconceptions across regions or borders.  

We believe the news media is in a unique position to have a positive impact in many of these areas, and are running a number of programmes that demonstrate real impact.
  • Reporting LGBT+ Rights

    Today, 70 countries around the world criminalise consensual same-sex activity or use laws to marginalise and persecute members of the LGBT+ community. Discrimination against LGBT+ people is often reinforced by laws, policies and practices that either fail to take LGBT+ needs into account or deliberately exclude them.

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  • Covering Religion

    Reporting on religion with authority and sensitivity is critical to covering some of the world's biggest stories. Effective coverage is a challenge for most major newsrooms. We work with journalists to help them report authoritatively wherever religion is part of the story.

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  • Reporting Women

    Women are under-represented in the media and news coverage frequently reinforces gender stereotypes. High quality reporting of women's issues can empower societies, and improve the lives of women.

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  • Reporting on Trafficking and Slavery

    We provide journalists across the world with the necessary knowledge and skills to produce reports and undertake investigations on migration,human trafficking and modern slavery.

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  • Reporting Taboo

    In many countries, there are topics that news media rarely, if ever, report on. And yet these issues can affect millions of people - including the most vulnerable people. Such issues need to be covered in an accurate, impartial manner, which includes the views of all parties involved. The Thomson Reuters Foundation provides training, mentoring and editorial support to assist journalists who are covering stories at the margins of our societies. 

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  • Sport and Society

    Sport has played an important role in society for thousands of years.  Around the world, it brings people together from all backgrounds and all walks of life.  The UN even recognises the benefits of sport as a ‘low-cost and high-impact tool in humanitarian, development and peace-building efforts… an important investment in the present and future’. 

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