Drawing on the values and global footprint of the world’s largest provider of news and information, we bring training solutions to companies, governments and organisations worldwide.

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About us

You might wonder why a corporate Foundation focused on international philanthropy provides strategic training solutions for companies, media outlets, and governmental organisations.

Why do we do it?

Professionals across sectors are increasingly in need of sharp tools to better deliver their message. As the charitable arm of the world’s leading news and information provider, we are uniquely placed to address those needs, drawing on our decades of experience in the field.

How do we do it?

We offer scheduled public courses, in-company workshops, off-the-shelf, tailored and client bespoke training interventions. All our subject matter experts and trainers have decades of experience in communications, media and journalism.

What makes us different?

All proceeds from our training are reinvested into the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s core programmes around the world: free legal assistance, under-reported news, media development, and the Trust Conference.

By choosing us, you achieve the double benefit of receiving state-of-the-art training from the best professionals in the market, while simultaneously contributing to our high impact philanthropic initiatives across the globe.

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We know that the best learning creates tangible improvements for individuals and organisations. That’s why we consistently focus on delivering results, from the design of our courses to the choice of trainers and the delegate support that follows.

Learning Consultancy: Our pool of trainers, subject matter experts and associates will work with you at every stage: from capability assessments and needs analysis to tailored programme design and training evaluation, with a focus on measurable behavioural change and business impact.

eLearning: Our interactive, flexible and easy to access eLearning content spans media, communications and journalism. Delegates can learn at their own pace with our bite-sized micro modules of 30 sec to 5 min and traditional eLearning from 15 - 30 minutes.

Workshops: We work with organisations to design a full suite of learning solutions and workshops. Our workshops can be developed for introductory up to advanced levels, and they range from the traditional one day format or a tailored five day series of courses.

Coaching & Mentoring: Coaching and mentoring draw out the skills, resources, and creativity that exist within delegates. Our approach allows clients to overcome their most difficult professional and personal challenges, increase their confidence and improve personal and business performance as a result.


We boast an  extensive range  of Media, Communications & Journalism courses that can be delivered to your team on-site. Our expert trainers and consultants will take the time to understand your company’s learning needs so that we can provide a training solution that aligns and supports your business objectives and strategy.

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Upcoming Public Courses


The smartphone era has ushered in the adoption of bite-sized learning. A few of the well-documented and wide-ranging benefits of this learning include: higher rates of learner engagement, the option to learn on the go, and a format that is easily digestible. The learning landscape is constantly moving forward; make sure you’re moving with it.

We provide an off-the-shelf suite of online training courses that enables teams to up-skill and keep up to date with topics including communications, media, digital marketing and writing skills.

We have over 100 bite-size online training courses readily available, with two new courses added every month.

Our courses contain a mixture of graphics, audiovisual interactions, and quiz questions that make the learning process easy, enjoyable and interactive. We avoid the use of industry jargon, keeping the tone conversational and informative.

We also offer skills audits to assess a team’s confidence and capability in each area of the skills we cover.

Benefits of elearning

  • Build the skills gap

    Up-skill your team and keep them up to date with the fast-paced digital environment.

  • Maximise your training budget

    eLearning is a highly cost-effective way to deliver ongoing training that can also support and reinforce any classroom-based training provided.

  • Self-paced learning

    All our eLearning content is easy to follow, highly interactive and self-paced, testing knowledge at every stage.

  • Keep your team up to date

    The Communications environment is changing constantly. Our online courses are regularly updated and refreshed.

  • Comprehensive knowledge

    Our comprehensive library of online courses covers all aspects of communications from fundamentals through to the specialist level.

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We have published a number of “how-to” guides to help NGOs and social enterprises choose the right structure and manage ongoing governance issues.

  • OPINION: How inclusion and people power drive LGBTQ+ marriage equality

  • OPINION: As a lawyer in Nigeria, one trans woman has renewed my hope

  • OPINION: Russia's LGBTQ+ community need international solidarity

  • OPINION: Russia’s ban on the LGBTQ+ movement: A dire threat to freedom and identity

  • OPINION: How to prepare yourself for a same-sex divorce

  • OPINION: We must raise a new generation of allies

  • OPINION: LGBTQ+ people are at the heart of ‘scapegoat economics’

  • OPINION: Did Nepal Achieve Marriage Equality? Not Quite Yet



All working relationships at the Thomson Reuters Foundation are built on trust. Our approach is to build strong partnerships with each client to ensure you receive tailored consultancy that perfectly suits your needs. Once this relationship is established, our consistent support will ensure the results continue to speak for themselves.

  • Strategy & Planning

    Is your learning strategy aligned with your business strategy?

  • Training needs analysis:

    Are you unsure of where your learning needs are?

  • Capability Assessments

    How do your people measure against industry peers?

  • Learning Design

    What is the best learning model for your organisation?

  • Capability building

    Are you a learning organisation with internal capabilities?

  • Communications

    What will your learning campaign be, and how will you create awareness?

  • Impact Evaluation

    What will success look like and how will you measure it?

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All proceeds from our income-generating commercial activities are reinvested in the Foundation’s philanthropic activities.

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