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News is changing, fast.  We share skills, experience and knowledge to ensure journalism has a sustainable future.

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The practice of journalism and the news industry is undergoing a radical transformation. This involves 24-hour news cycles, digital innovation, mobile consumers, and now even a 'fake news' business model.  We believe that the Reuters principles of speed, accuracy, impartiality and freedom from bias are more important than ever.  

We work with journalists, newsrooms, academics, NGOs and the international community to ensure that reliable and trustworthy information remains the basis for the world's policy decision making and citizens' understanding of global and local affairs.
  • 'Perspektivy' - cross border journalism in the Russian speaking world

    Perspektivy aims to strengthen journalism in Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, to advance regional expertise on under-reported issues, and to contribute to mutual international understanding.

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  • 'Tomorrow's News' - making the most of digital media

    Digital media has revolutionised news. But many news organisations - whether in developing or developed countries - are still grappling with what it will mean to them, and how to maximise its potential. The programme involves workshops, newsroom consultancies and access to the best experts in the field.

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