Economic and Social Development Webinar Series: Media’s Role in a Sustainable Recovery in Asia and the Pacific

Thomson Reuters Foundation and the Asian Development Bank have designed a three-year practical, skills-based training programme to help journalists build their skills and deepen their understanding of a range of development and economic issues that will influence the future of Asia and the Pacific.


With development challenges becoming ever more complex during COVID-19, the need for high-quality journalism to shed light on them has never been greater, especially in developing regions such as Asia and the Pacific.

To help journalists strengthen their coverage on a range of pressing development challenges – from climate change to digital divides and rising inequalities – the Asian Development Bank and the Thomson Reuters Foundation are hosting a four-part webinar series on the Media’s Role in a Sustainable Recovery in Asia and the Pacific.

Throughout the series, participants will learn from world-renowned experts about reporting on complex development issues in accessible and effective ways. They will also gain insights on how to increase audience engagement, leverage digital tools to enhance reporting, ensure fair coverage of vulnerable communities, and combat misinformation and online safety issues.

This is a unique opportunity for journalists in Asia and the Pacific looking to enhance their reporting and connect with experts, as well as their counterparts, in the region.

Previous Webinar Episodes:

Episode 1 | Racing to Survive: Media’s Challenges and Solutions, 22 March 2022

From increasing attacks on journalists to shrinking revenues, the news media is grappling with a series of existential challenges. This webinar explored how issues affecting the news media limit its ability to cover critical topics - such as rebuilding after COVID-19 - and what could be done to address them.

Watch episode one on Vimeo

Episode 2 | Building Resilience: Climate Crises and Green Transition, 29 March 2022

With Asia and the Pacific more vulnerable to climate change than other regions of the world, this webinar unpacked how journalists could strengthen their climate coverage in the region and inform the public on how their governments are following through on their climate promises.  

Episode 3 | Tackling Inequality: Inclusion and Empowerment, 5 April 2022

The pandemic has unleashed, amongst other things, an economic tsunami that is hitting the most vulnerable the hardest, especially in Asia and the Pacific. This webinar examined ways to bolster journalists’ reporting on rising socio-economic inequalities, with a specific focus on how news media can give voice to the vulnerable, combat gender biases, and ensure diversity within newsrooms.

Episode 4 | Bridging Divides: Digital Literacy and Tech Access, 12 April 2022

With COVID-19 exacerbating the digital divide, this webinar explored whether online opportunities were reaching everyone equally, and how journalists can strengthen their coverage of digital inequalities.  

Time for each webinar episode: 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM SGT, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM GMT  

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in the video recordings of this webinar series are those of the panellists and do not reflect the official position of either the Asian Development Bank or the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

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