Climate Change, Environment Exploring the Profit and Loss of Biodiversity Destruction

Programme funded by Porticus

About Porticus

Porticus is a family philanthropic organisation founded in 1995 to advise and manage the philanthropic endeavours of the Brenninkmeijer family business owners.​ The family values are still core to our work and our people today. ​While Porticus was founded in 1995, the family’s tradition of social engagement goes back as far as 1841. Named to represent an open gateway to a brighter future, Porticus became the global adviser to the charitable funds the family members had established earlier.​ ​Porticus is comprised of over 200 professionals, supporting efforts in over 65 countries from 12 hubs serving countries and regions. In any given year, we work with over 1,000 partners, managing more than 1,300 project grants.​ From our offices around the world, we carefully select the societal and environmental challenges where we can make a genuine difference in people's lives, working closely with partners to help us succeed.​ ​

We exist to make a difference where it is really needed across four key thematic areas:​ Caring for the Earth, Strengthening our Societies​, Building Future Generations​ and Fostering Vital Faith Communities​. Porticus also focuses on two additional social and environmental challenges through special entities Argidius, which tackles poverty through small business development and Community Arts Lab, which aims to transform lives through community arts. Across our sectors and programmes, we work closely together to leverage knowledge and networks to expand on opportunities for impact.

Exploring the Profit and Loss of Biodiversity Destruction is a programme funded by Porticus. For more information about their work, please visit their website and follow them on LinkedIn

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