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Set-up by the Foundation in 2015 in the run-up to national elections, Myanmar Now is an award-winning independent online news service offering accurate and non-partisan news for free syndication in both Burmese and English. With emphasis ranging from humanitarian and ethnic issues, to domestic political reform and environmental challenges, Myanmar Now is also providing professional training and mentoring resources for reporters as the country opens up to the global community.


Myanmar Now is a bilingual online news service established by the Thomson Reuters Foundation ahead of Myanmar’s 2015 general election. Based in Yangon, it employs 6 journalists led by Chief Correspondent Swe Win.

Myanmar Now is designed as a support network for local journalists and media outlets. It produces accurate, independent and impartial coverage of the reform process that is taking place in Myanmar. This exclusive, high-end journalism is then offered for free syndication across the country. Journalists from Myanmar Now have received both local and international awards, and the news agency has been praised for its in-depth coverage, with stories republished by media outlets within Myanmar and internationally. 

Myanmar Now has created a free distribution network of 50 national and local media outlets which regularly republish stories produced by Myanmar Now. The news agency has been awarded the Lorenzo Natali Media Prize (a European Commission Media Prize) for a feature on underage sex workers in Myanmar; and a 2016 SOPA award (South Asia Publisher Awards) for investigative reporting.

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The Thomson Reuters Foundation is committed to fostering the highest standards of journalism worldwide. We believe accurate, impartial and independent journalism leads to better-informed societies. It holds power to account, strengthens the rule of law and contributes to economic and social development.

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