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Climate Change is widely seen as the greatest threat to human development – perhaps even to human survival – in modern times. As the issue has moved gradually from the fringes of the news agenda to centre-stage, many journalists have difficulty grasping the implications and disentangling the mass of competing claims. We build the capacity of journalists to cover this critical issue, and help them produce stories that matter to their audiences.

This programme helps journalists to identify, research and deliver clear, concise and accurate stories on climate change, on its impact on the environment and the lives of ordinary people, and on what can be done to help them adapt. It focuses on coverage that is relevant to both policy makers and general audiences.

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The Thomson Reuters Foundation is committed to fostering the highest standards of journalism worldwide. We believe accurate, impartial and independent journalism leads to better-informed societies. It holds power to account, strengthens the rule of law and contributes to economic and social development.

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