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TRF partners with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to offer you the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of why business should report on the sustainability of its strategy, operations and investments. The private sector plays a vital role in sustainable development and the media should explore the impact that business has, particularly when it comes to environmental, social and governance issues.


We talk freely of “sustainability” in the media but what is it and are we aware of what’s being done to achieve it. Increasingly companies – corporations, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises – produce sustainability reports. Too often these go unnoticed by the public and by the press.

Our workshops seek to equip journalists with the necessary skills to identify stories about the environment, social development and governance; hold organisations to account; relay key developments to the public; and dig deeper into anything needing investigation

The Exploring Corporate Impact programme will focus initially on Brazil and India -- two countries facing an extremely diverse and complex range of issues around sustainability.
Given the complexity of sustainability issues, the role of the skilled, questioning and impartial journalist is more important than ever. Could you be this journalist?

 The Exploring Corporate Impact progamme has the following core aims: 

  • To raise journalists’ awareness of environmental, social and governance issues as relating to business involvement or lack thereof.
  • To increase knowledge of key local, national and regional sustainability themes and trends.
  • To bring an understanding of how companies operate and the relationship between them and the communities, habitats and regulatory frameworks within which they operate.
  • To develop and hone investigative and reporting skills thereby increasing the media’s capacity for producing strong, reliable and highly relevant sustainability stories.
  • To strengthen regional expertise and professional journalism and to reinforce best practice standards and ethics within the media.
  • To internationalise participating journalists and connect them with one another bridging cultural divides and differences in working practices.

Journalists are given the opportunity to attend training workshops, apply for grants to support their work, receive mentoring from journalists with extensive experience concerning particular regions or themes, attend seminars and conferences and network with other journalists.

This programme has been financed by the Government of Sweden. Its content has been developed by TRF in partnership with GRI. The Government of Sweden does not necessarily share the expressed views and interpretations.


About Media Development

The Thomson Reuters Foundation is committed to fostering the highest standards of journalism worldwide. We believe accurate, impartial and independent journalism leads to better-informed societies. It holds power to account, strengthens the rule of law and contributes to economic and social development.

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