Social Innovation

TrustLaw is helping to unlock innovative solutions to some of the world’s most intractable social and environmental challenges.

Our social enterprise members combine their mission with a commercial outlook, developing pioneering products and services in a wide range of sectors including healthcare, disability, education, and renewable energy.

35% of TrustLaw’s members are classified as social enterprises. As well as connecting them to law firms able to provide free legal services, we work in partnership with social enterprise incubators and other intermediaries to ensure our work has the widest possible reach.

TrustLaw is not only helping these organisations to secure a solid legal footing, but also supports the development of the wider social enterprise and social finance ecosystem, allowing them to both be sustainable and grow their market.

Amplifying Impact

The social enterprise movement is expanding rapidly and has vast potential for growth. An important part of TrustLaw’s work is collaborating with our partners to amplify the impact of this powerful movement for social change and demonstrate what can be achieved through mission-led business models.

Setting the Agenda

The social enterprise movement is fast moving, constantly evolving and adopting different forms to suit local context. It’s about challenging convention to get the job done.

At TrustLaw we see it as our role to help the wider community understand how these changes are playing out, tracking best practice in government regulation and the investment climate for social enterprises, and ensuring that legal and governance structures can keep pace with change.

Building the Ecosystem

A great idea will only succeed if it’s built on firm foundations. Social entrepreneurs are often starting from scratch, working on their own or in small teams. They need access to expert advice in order to protect their idea, access funding and ensure their business model is sustainable.

Social entrepreneurs uniquely operate businesses that are both commercially viable and socially impactful. At TrustLaw, we are committed to providing a suite of guides, resources, interactive tools and training, all designed to make it as easy as possible for these pioneers to achieve their goals. We call this the ecosystem.

Interactive Guides

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