Effective Communication Skills for Influencers

Course Type: In-Company | Course Category: Communications

Course Introduction

Master your message and deliver it with impact

What's it about?

Communication is the art of being understood and of understanding others. Within a professional environment, we communicate to achieve an identifiable outcome: change the opinion of our audience or spur them to action. Crafting credible and clear messages that are delivered in an engaging manner achieves this impact. This workshop will help you to identify your individual communication style, adapt it to different situations and build rapport with your audience.

Who should attend?

This workshop is for any professional wanting to influence outcomes, particularly those wanting to improve workplace relationships; strengthen their hand in high-stakes environments; deliver clear, compelling messages; or who feel their communication skills are stilted or in some way ineffective.

Learning outcomes

  • An understanding of their own communication style and how it impacts on others
  • The skills to influence others and develop more effective relationships
  • The ability to communicate effectively to ‘gain the edge’ and achieve objectives
  • Significantly improved presentation skills
  • Stronger message development
  • Strategies for handling difficult questions and taking control in challenging situations
  • An understanding of how voice and body language can reinforce key messages


Investing time in developing your communication skills, establishing a more appropriate communication style and practising it, can be highly rewarding. More effective communication among people can greatly improve workplace relationships and help individuals use their skills for real performance improvement.

Course Structure Highlights

  • Successful communication and barriers to achieving it
  • The characteristics of an excellent communicator
  • Methods of communication
  • The essentials of communication
  • Develop listening skills & build rapport
  • Perception and the impact we make
  • Determine what skills are required and how to use them
  • Communication styles
  • Identify individual styles and understand what they mean
  • Adapt your style to that of others and different situations
  • Hints and tips on applying the skills developed on the course
  • Case studies of effective use of communication
  • Ensure the communication is relevant

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