Principles of Great Copywriting

Course Type: In-Company | Course Category: Copywriting

Course Introduction

Building confidence in writing for marketing

What's it about?

Whether you’re producing traditional ads, brochures and direct mail or creating e-shots or content for digital media, this course will give you a great foundation in the fundamentals of writing. You’ll practice writing headlines and examine the way copywriters change content and style for different readers. You’ll also discuss approaches to different media.

Who should attend?

This course attracts people from a variety of backgrounds in marketing, communications and design. No prior knowledge of the subject is assumed, although most delegates are usually asked to write as part of their professional roles and are looking for practical guidance.

Learning outcomes

  • Essential principles of good copywriting and advice on style
  • Tips and techniques for headline writing
  • Best practice for combining words and images
  • Tailoring copy for specific target audiences
  • The challenges and opportunities presented by different media


You will come away with a better understanding of the techniques used by professional copywriters to inform and persuade their readers. Effective copy can play an important role in shaping perceptions about products, services and brands. Your organisation will be able to create more effective marketing communications across different media and critically appraise work produced by agencies.

Course Structure Highlights

  • Fundamentals of good copy
  • Structure and logical flow
  • Use of plain English
  • Changing tone of voice to accommodate reader
  • Writing effective headlines
  • Combining words and images
  • Adapting copy to different environments

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