Global Corporate Pro Bono

TrustLaw is helping legal departments across the world build and strengthen their pro bono programmes and access pro bono projects that tackle some of greatest social and environmental challenges of our time.

Corporate pro bono has seen a dramatic rise in recent year. In house legal departments are volunteering their time and expertise to serve disadvantaged communities, educate the public and provide assistance to social impact organisations.

With specialized legal skills, business acumen and broad geographic reach, corporate legal departments are well placed to make an exceptional contribution to pro bono services.

While many companies have established formal pro bono programmes for their legal departments, in-house counsel still face real barriers to engaging in pro bono, particularly in countries where the practice of pro bono is nascent.

TrustLaw’s Global Corporate Pro bono Initiative is dedicated to breaking down these remaining barriers and supporting the growth of corporate pro bono worldwide.


TrustLaw works with corporate in-house legal departments to build, strengthen and expand their pro bono programmes. We help legal departments identify pro bono best practices, forge partnerships with law firms, and navigate regulatory and licensing requirements that apply to their lawyers wherever they may be.

We do this by providing a suite of guides, resources, interactive tools and training, all designed to make it as easy as possible for legal departments and law firms to volunteer their time and expertise.


TrustLaw provides legal departments with access to a wide range of high quality pro bono work for organisations at the forefront of social change. From transactional issues to cross-border research programmes, these projects have a significant impact on local communities around the world.

TrustLaw’s global team identifies, scopes and then makes available pro bono projects for lawyers across 175 jurisdictions via our online platform. Legal departments also participate in delivering live and virtual TrustLaw workshops, webinars and other capacity-building initiatives that provide practical legal education to NGOs and social enterprises.


Impact is at the core of our work. We equip our members with the opportunities, tools and guidance they need to amplify the impact of their pro bono work.

At TrustLaw, we want to share your story with the world. We collaborate with our members to track progress on projects, organize launch events, and develop stories of impact, which feature the lawyers, NGOs and social enterprises committed to using the law to fight for social change. Through our annual TrustLaw Awards, we also celebrate the groundbreaking pro bono work undertaken by legal departments.

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