Defense Handbook for Journalists and Bloggers on Freedom of Expression

by TrustLaw
Tuesday, 4 August 2015 11:35 GMT

Journalists face more threats now than ever before, from harassment and imprisonment to cold-blooded murder. Since the beginning of 2015, 50 journalists have been killed and over 330 journalists have been imprisoned.

For journalists, freedom of expression and freedom of information are amongst the most important human rights. These laws are enshrined in international law and governments can be held accountable if the voices of journalist are unduly silenced.

Reporters Without Borders, a nonprofit organization, reached out to Trustlaw in need of legal assistance to develop a handbook for journalists and blogger detailing key provisions of international law impacting their work throughout different regions.

Through Trustlaw, Paul Hastings and their international team of 70 lawyers collaborated with Reporters Without Borders to develop a comprehensive handbook which includes decisions and recommendations made by international and regional bodies and courts in relation to the various aspects of freedom of expression.

“Paul Hastings is always on the lookout for beautiful pro bono projects like this. We wanted to meet the challenge of the project with a true international effort of our lawyers from different locations worldwide.” Pierre Kirch, Partner at Paul Hastings

The handbook allows journalists to work with greater confidence; knowing they are in compliance with international laws. It is also useful for legal representatives of journalists who sometimes lack expertise in international law by allowing them to quickly access examples of international cases and standards pertaining to freedom of expression.

“Because the handbook is a living document which will be continuously and regularly updated, journalists can reliably consult the tool at anytime, anywhere.” Pierre Kirch, Partner at Paul Hastings

In July, The Thomson Reuters Foundation held an event in London to launch the publication of the handbook which was accompanied by a high-profile debate to discuss the current state of freedom of expression around the world.

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This project has been nominated for the 2015 TrustLaw Collaboration Award. Learn more about the TrustLaw Awards.

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