Good Data Compliance while Doing good - Online Training

21 April 2021

Date & Time

  • 21 April 2021
    4:30pm Japan / 3:30pm Hong Kong/Singapore / 1:00 India


  • Online

Are you an NGO or social enterprise handling personal data daily in your operations in India, Hong Kong, Singapore or Japan? Does your work touch on the GDPR in Europe? Do you want to know more about data compliance in these countries?

In an environment where human rights, ethics, and dignity of stakeholders are all important values, data protection is not just a matter of regulatory compliance, but also a necessity to uphold the trust and confidence of your stakeholders. For example, a data breach may have devastating consequences for an NGO in terms of losing donors or clients.

In support to civil society organizations in the Asian region, TrustLaw’s legal partners DXC Technology and Simmons & Simmons are co-hosting an online training for NGOs to understand what are your data compliance obligations, how you can address them and how data protection and privacy can become enablers instead of inhibitors to their daily work.

The webinar will focus on data compliance generally in the Asia region, with specific focus on Europe’s GDPR, India, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. All TrustLaw members dealing with personal information on a daily basis or looking to understand data compliance in these countries are welcome.

DATE: Wednesday 21 April 2021

TIME: 1pm (India) / 2:30 pm (Thailand) / 3:30pm (HK/SG/Japan)

PLATFORM:   Zoom (Link will be provided upon registration)

The online training will cover the following:

  1. Data protection regulatory frameworks in the Asian region and in Europe (GDPR)
  2. 2Core principles and requirements in data protection frameworks across the globe
  3. Practical data protection scenarios in the non-profit sector and best practice guidance
  4. Opportunities and challenges in the civil society sector (eg. Investigative journalism, cloud computing etc)


After this training, participants will:

  • Know which data under one's control is covered by data protection laws and which is not;
  • Have awareness of which are the data protection laws that apply to one's organisation;
  • Understand the impact those laws have on core activities;
  • Know how to be more transparent to stakeholders; and
  • Know how to implement new technologies in one's daily work and how to manage strategic partnerships without any regulatory compliance risks to one's organisation.

Please note that this is a high-level training for informatory purposes only and it should not be construed as, or relied upon as legal advice.

Register to join the training, and please contact if you have any questions.