We stand with the Black community today and every day

by Thomson Reuters Foundation
Tuesday, 9 June 2020 09:35 GMT

As an organisation, we believe that societies should be free, fair, and informed. Through a combination of journalism and the law, we work to build global awareness of the critical issues faced by humanity and inspire collective leadership. Our ultimate goal is to help to shape a prosperous world where no one is left behind.

This is impossible in a world where systemic racism exists.

The killing of George Floyd has sparked anguish and anger amongst millions around the globe. It has also prompted deep reflection for many. The Thomson Reuters Foundation is no exception.

Let this be an historic moment when each and every one of us recognises that we can – and should – do more. For our part, we will harness the power of our media and legal services to play a more proactive role in this continued fight for equality and more inclusive societies.

Most immediately, we will work towards enhancing the plurality of voices represented in the media, both through our news reporting and through our journalism training. At a time when the media landscape is constantly changing and continually challenged, it has never been so important to ensure its ecosystem remains diverse.

We are also proactively reaching out to non-profits on the frontlines of this fight, particularly in the USA and the UK, to provide free legal assistance and research tailored to support their needs, through our TrustLaw service. This will enable those organisations to strengthen their advocacy efforts and deploy their resources where they are most needed.

This is not an issue that can be solved overnight. But recognising that there is always more to be done, that each and every one of us has a responsibility to do better, and that those first few steps start today, is what matters now. We will not waiver from our commitment to this fight, even when the noise dies down.

Antonio Zappulla

Thomson Reuters Foundation CEO

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