Unlocking the potential of mobile and cloud technologies to deliver quality healthcare in Senegal

by TrustLaw
Tuesday, 4 August 2015 11:45 GMT

Through the integration of innovative technology, Dimagi, a social enterprise, helps organizations deliver quality healthcare to urban and rural communities across the world.

Since 2002, the social enterprise has broadened its scope internationally and has implemented 300 projects in over 40 countries to improve service delivery in underserved communities.

Due to the tremendous need for the organization’s work in Africa, Dimagi decided to open an office in Senegal. They sought advice from Trustlaw to determine what type of legal structure would be most suitable for the organization, as well as assistance to incorporate the entity.

Through Trustlaw, Dimagi was connected to Habibatour Toure law firm which provided legal assistance on how to establish a new business in Senegal.

“Having a lawyer working directly in the country and who was able to speak both French and English was critical.” said Arya Shekar, Director of Legal Affairs at Dimagi

Currently, Dimagi has ten staff members working with public and private health providers in Dakar, Senegal to enhance community health programs by unlocking the tremendous potential of mobile phone and cloud-based technologies.


This project has been nominated for the 2015 TrustLaw Innovation Award. Learn more about the TrustLaw Awards.

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