Crucial Conversations

Course Type: In-Company | Course Category: Communications

Course Introduction

Learning and deepening your ability to motivate, persuade and inspire

What's it about?

Every conversation involves starting, sustaining or ending relationships. Words spoken can inspire, encourage or harm others. Complex, and often difficult, situations regularly arise in the workplace. Those who manage or lead need to know how to communicate instructions efficiently and deliver criticism constructively to ensure as little disruption and conflict as possible. This workshop can be delivered at an intermediate level – where participants learn to communicate more confidently and with more control – or at an advanced level – where participants master new skills to communicate in extreme situations.

Who should attend?

This workshop is relevant to anyone in a management or leadership position, particularly those initiating dialogue in a complex or sensitive situation; continuing a complex or sensitive conversation; or needing to feel empowered and confident at work.

Learning outcomes

  • Practical tools to communicate effectively in difficult situations
  • New perspectives on how to tackle complex, sensitive and challenging situations
  • Raised and maintained confidence
  • Insights into inspiring and motivating colleagues
  • Skills to forge positive workplace relationships
  • Ability to engage difficult individuals


Your organisation will benefit from managers who develop a high level of communication skill and confidence. Staff who can tackle difficult situations with resilience and control can diffuse tensions and motivate others. Constructive dialogue that engages people will lead to improved productivity.

Course Structure Highlights

  • Developing confidence 
  • Dealing with nerves 
  • Accountability and responsibility 
  • Create a compelling physical presence 
  • Listening with sensitivity and cultivating trust 
  • Effective body language and eye contact 
  • Engaging groups and difficult people 
  • Energising your voice to command engagement 
  • Developing authenticity 
  • Establishing trust 
  • Building positive energy 
  • Remaining strong under pressure 
  • Clear, compelling written and verbal communication

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