Managing Marketing Communications

Course Type: In-Company | Course Category: Communications

Course Introduction

Ensuring marketing communications are strategic, tactical and co-ordinated

What's it about?

Many organisations waste money on marketing communications because their activities are fragmented and their messages are not relevant. Effective marketing communications requires a clear understanding of objectives; careful planning; coordination of the right communications tools; development of the right messages; a strategic approach; and a measurement of results. This course shows you how to manage those factors.

Who should attend?

This course is for marketing and communications managers, product managers and executives aspiring to a marketing management role. It is also for others who believe that their marketing communications are insufficiently structured and co-ordinated.

Learning outcomes

  • Audit your organisation’s current marketing communications and suggest improvements
  • Create an effective, workable marketing communications plan
  • Understand what type of research and analysis you should do to produce an effective plan
  • Set clear marketing communications objectives
  • Construct a marketing communications strategy that is aligned to the bigger corporate strategy and brand
  • Define target groups and ensure that the right communications/messages are directed at them
  • Use the best mix of marketing communications tools
  • Define a control system to measure the results of marketing communications
  • Brief agencies more effectively


The organisation will benefit from the knowledge and tools that the attendees will acquire on the course. In particular they should benefit from a properly structured and relevant plan that the delegates should be able to construct following the programme. They should also benefit from more accurate targeting, relevant messages and a more cost-effective approach overall.

Course Structure Highlights

  • How to recognise inadequate communications
  • How marketing communications work
  • How to align the communications plan with the bigger strategy and brand
  • Structuring the plan
  • Understanding the various contexts and applying them to the plan
  • Setting the plan objectives
  • Defining the marketing communications strategy and brand positioning
  • Defining and prioritising the right stakeholders
  • Constructing messages that are relevant and achieve cut-through
  • Selecting and co-ordinating the right communications tools
  • Co-ordinating the plan
  • Setting the budget
  • Defining the measurement and control system
  • Briefing an agency

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