Unconscious Bias

Course Type: In-Company | Course Category: Communications

Course Introduction

Build an awareness of unconscious bias and an understanding of its impact.

What's it about?

Learn how unconscious bias can stop a diverse organisation from making the most of its people’s talents and contributions. This interactive workshop explores different kinds of unconscious bias and the practical steps that you can take to minimise their effect on business and individual performance. You will explore more about your own biases (we all have them) and the simple steps that can make a big difference.

Who should attend?

Anyone curious to learn more about how human beings function, and how managers at all levels in the organisation can help drive an inclusive culture that makes the most of everyone’s talents.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn about the business impact of unconscious bias
  • Explore your own biases and how they show up
  • Apply simple steps to counteract different kinds of bias
  • Gain confidence to challenge team norms and practices
  • Review and commit to your own personal practice


Your organisation will benefit from employees who have examined in detail their own unconscious bias. Teams and divisions within an organisation will be able to take the necessary practical steps to improve business performance by confronting their own bias.

Course Structure Highlights

  • What is unconscious bias and why do we have it
  • Unconscious bias in action: examples of impact
  • Different kinds of unconscious bias in the organisation
  • A simple framework for surfacing and counteracting bias
  • Challenging norms and practices
  • Personal practice in action

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