Public Speaking

Course Type: In-Company | Course Category: Communications

Course Introduction

Pack a punch when you address an audience with memorable content and engaging delivery

What's it about?

Speaking publicly puts you and your organisation at centre stage. When asked to address an audience, you need to make an impact and seize this opportunity to get an important message across or influence people to take action. This workshop shows you how to craft material that will engage people and how to present this by maximizing your voice, personality and energy. The course covers breathing techniques, striking the right pitch, eliminating stammering, mumbling or rambling.

Who should attend?

This workshop is for executives, senior managers and professionals who find themselves presenting and speaking to any kind of audience. It is also for those who write speeches but don’t necessarily deliver them and would also benefit those who want to approve their general public speaking skills.

Learning outcomes

  • Crafting clear and compelling messages
  • Using language and other verbal techniques to make content memorable
  • Learn to write and structure your speech for specific audience
  • Understand the benefits of key words, and the message they communicate
  • Methods to inject colour, drama and impact into your speeches and presentations
  • A range of voice techniques to improve the audience’s perception of you and your content matter
  • Greater self-awareness and confidence


Delivering high-impact speeches is one of the best ways to get noticed by your bosses, peers and potential employers. It’s also a great way to bring your message to a wider audience and positively brand your organisation. Success in public speaking indicates leadership and professionalism.

Course Structure Highlights

Writing the speech

  • Understand you objective for the specific speech
  • Learn how to thoroughly research and structure your speech
  • Use your choice of words and style to add drama
  • Learn the common of the pitfalls in speech writing and how to avoid them

Delivering the speech

  • Gain power over language, voice and speech
  • Understand and practice how to use the full range of your voice
  • Conquer your nerves when giving speeches using simple relaxation techniques
  • Learning to use silence and timing when presenting
  • Know your audience and identify buying signals and other non- verbal cues.
  • Use breathing exercises to develop and maintain a fully supported voice
  • Be clear and succinct: Reduce stammering, rambling and unfocused speech patterns
  • Power rooted in confidence and associated body language: Display self-assurance and techniques to free, tune, and enlarge your voice

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