Corporate Communications

Course Type: In-Company | Course Category: Communications

Course Introduction

Effective verbal and written communications skills to enhance your organisation

What's it about?

Corporate communicators are responsible for communicating their organisation’s messages, enhancing brand and safeguarding reputation. This can only be done through excellent written and verbal communication. However, too often sheer workload and a shortage of time prevent us giving our best performance. This workshop aims to offer best practice guidelines to help you hone those skills and become more effective at structuring and delivering messages, dealing with an internal and external audience, as well as coping with crises.

Who should attend?

This workshop is for those involved in or responsible for communicating on behalf of an organisation to either an external or an internal audience.

Learning outcomes

  • Improved communications and presentation skills – verbal and written
  • Deliver key messages to the media, clients and colleagues
  • Use voice and body language to reinforce key messages
  • Control interviews and conferences
  • Cope with difficult questions and take control in challenging situations
  • Identify potential crises and manage them
  • Use data with impact


Participants will be able to more easily and effectively develop messages and present these in an engaging manner to an internal or external audience.

Course Structure Highlights

  • The good communicator
  • Practical tactics to improve your communications skills
  • Injecting clarity and emotion into your communications
  • The 3 s’s: short, simple and structured messages
  • Interview skills and techniques
  • Presentation skills: posture, pace, vocals, dress
  • Written communications: emails, memos, press releases

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