Marketing Communications

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Course Introduction

Strong, targeted messaging can boost your brand and bottom line

What's it about?

We live in an age of information overload where each of us receives around 1,500 commercial messages a day. Our minds simply cannot fully acknowledge, process, analyse and act on each of these. This workshop helps you develop and implement practical and effective communication plans that stand out and promote your service or product. It will help you evaluate and revise your existing plan, looking at new systems, technology and best practice.

Who should attend?

This workshop will benefit marketing managers, business or line managers, as well as external communications managers.

Learning outcomes

  • Deeper understanding of marketing methods
  • Budgeting tools for an effective communication plan
  • Measurable targets
  • Integrated above and below the line strategy
  • An optimal media mix for maximum impact
  • A communication plan that stands out


Your organisation will benefit from managers who have a deeper awareness of marketing best practice and the latest marketing methods. Managers who are able to integrate a mix of marketing tools and develop communications strategies that are relevant to a target customer group are more likely to have a higher positive impact on business.

Course Structure Highlights

  • Different communications methods and how they interact
  • The communications mix – achieve maximum impact
  • How to write an effective communications plan
  • Impact of advertising – raising and maintaining awareness
  • Planned public relations – and customer relationship management plan
  • Sponsorship – how to get the most out of it
  • Sales promotion – how it contributes to bottom-line profit
  • Measurability – how to evaluate the plan and revise in changing conditions
  • Budgeting methods – how to ensure that spend is not wasted
  • Clear, compelling written and verbal communication
  • Cultivating trust
  • Effective body language and eye contact

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