Nominees for the 2022 TrustLaw Awards announced

by Thomson Reuters Foundation
Thursday, 7 April 2022 14:17 GMT

The Thomson Reuters Foundation is delighted to announce the nominees for its annual TrustLaw Awards, which recognise remarkable pro bono projects undertaken by legal teams with NGOs and social enterprises around the world through the TrustLaw service.

Since 2010, the TrustLaw network has grown exponentially, with more than 5,500 NGOs and social enterprises as members, receiving free legal assistance from 1000+ law firms and in-house legal times. The pro bono service has facilitated more than 8,000 legal projects across 175 countries – empowering thousands of organisations to achieve greater impact.

The diversity of this year’s nominees epitomises TrustLaw’s success in spreading the practice of free legal assistance for NGOs and social enterprises beyond traditional markets. Their work has found innovative solutions to some of the world’s most critical challenges and empowered those on the frontlines with the tools to deliver positive change.

Meet the Nominees

Collaboration Award 

This award showcases highly effective working relationships between legal teams and NGOs, and social enterprises that exemplify the power and best practices of pro bono. 

Impact Award 

This award recognises outstanding legal research projects that have had demonstrable change and significant outcomes. 

Powered by Pro Bono Award

This new award highlights NGOs or social enterprises that have used pro bono legal advice to scale up their operations, improve the delivery of their social mission or pivot their activities to make a greater impact on the businesses and people they support.

COVID-19 Response Award 

This new award showcases projects undertaken by a legal team in response to the Covid-19 pandemic that allowed our TrustLaw members to better meet the needs of their beneficiaries. 

Legal Team of the Year Awards

These awards recognise different legal teams that have demonstrated exceptional effort and enthusiasm in supporting pro bono clients on projects undertaken through TrustLaw. 

International Law Firm of the Year 

 Regional Law Firm of the Year

In-house Legal Team of the Year

Join us in London for a celebration of pro bono

Join us on 8 June in London, UK, when we will celebrate our pro bono community and announce the winners of the TrustLaw Awards 2022. RSVP HERE


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Except where otherwise stated, the views expressed in this News Report, or the associated Reports should not be construed to reflect the views of the law firm(s) and/ or lawyers who contributed to the research nor the Thomson Reuters Foundation who supported our TrustLaw members with their work on this research. 

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