Mobile Journalism - 1 Day

Course Type: In-Company | Course Category: Journalism

Course Introduction

Identify and produce engaging multi-media news using the latest mobile media tools

What's it about?

More and more journalists are now using their smartphone as an electronic news gathering device as online magazines and newspapers increasingly expect reporters to add multimedia content to their story. The one-day course will teach you how to record audio and how to shoot video using your smartphone.

Who should attend?

All journalists would benefit from this training course and it would also be useful to anyone involved in the production of multi-media content while on the move.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify, and produce mobile multi-media stories with confidence and context
  • Grasp what makes a good content
  • Learn to present stories in exciting ways while maintaining standards of fairness, accuracy and quality
  • Learn to pictures and making shot selections suitable for professional broadcast
  • Understand the fundamentals of good news production values in the context of multi-media


Participants will benefit from an understanding of how multi-media journalism applies and acquire an expanded skillset that will help them recognize and develop engaging news stories.

Course Structure Highlights

  • Record audio interviews and use a microphone to get the best sound
  • Video interviews and learn how to frame the subject correctly using well established cinematography techniques
  • Film vox pops, point-of-view shots, action shots and film multiple interviewees
  • Use smartphones to film establishing shots and cutaway shots
  • Use natural lighting as a key light to model and illuminate the subject
  • Use good interview technique and learn how to edit for the sound
  • Take photographs and learn how to use picture composition and rule of thirds
  • Use recorded audio and photographs to create a slideshow
  • Edit clips and use a smartphone app to create a video news story
  • Use a variety apps to create PDFs, edit photographs and colour grade video
  • Launch video news stories online using social media and web sites

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