Mobile Journalism - 5 Days

Course Type: In-Company | Course Category: Journalism

Course Introduction

Identify and produce engaging multi-media news using the latest mobile media tools

What's it about?

This comprehensive training ambitious course uses a special model to help participants recognise and then create compelling mobile-multi-media journalism. The aim over five days is to acquaint staff with the skills needed to devise media which will make news, encourage debate and raise the profile of the key issues important to the audience. Our teaching methods blend real time practical exercises with lecturing that analyses best current practice and new media developments. Participants will be encouraged to assemble a personal action plan for post-course use.

Who should attend?

All journalists would benefit from this training course and it would also be useful to anyone involved in the production of multi-media content while on the move.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify, and produce mobile multi-media stories with confidence and context
  • Grasp what makes a good content
  • Learn to present stories in exciting ways while maintaining standards of fairness, accuracy and quality
  • Become comfortable writing to pictures and making shot selections suitable for professional broadcast
  • Understand the fundamentals of good news production values in the context of multi-media


Participants will benefit from an understanding of how multi-media journalism applies and acquire an expanded skillset that will help them recognize and develop engaging news stories.

Course Structure Highlights

  • Multi-media production values
  • Using storyboards to focus and structure
  • The power of pictures: How the eye sees and Basic visual grammar
  • The video toolbox
  • Future trends: Micro blogging, Twitter, Citizen journalism, Blogging and Vlogging
  • Writing to pictures and Writing for the ear
  • Common mistakes, language, clarity and brevity
  • Practical creativity techniques
  • Individual newsgathering and delivery exercises
  • Building an audience
  • Ethics/Credibility

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