Video & Audio Web Reporting

Course Type: In-Company | Course Category: Journalism

Course Introduction

Creating compelling video and audio digital news packages

What's it about?

Video and audio reports have become an essential feature of newspaper and magazine-related websites. This course is designed specifically for newspaper and magazine journalists who want to learn how to create effective video and audio packages.

Who should attend?

Any journalist who has mastered the basics of reporting for print or any business with staff that need to understand how to create video and audio clips for online.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand what makes a good report and how to add value
  • Knowledge of how to write engaging scripts
  • Skills in design, composition, filming, recording and editing
  • Improved piece-to-camera and interviewing techniques


Following this course you will be able to create effective video and audio packages, understand the basics of filming and know how to create reports.

Course Structure Highlights

  • The principles of good video reports
  • Identifying the best stories for video treatment and how to add value
  • The differences between writing for the page and the picture
  • Writing scripts to fit available pictures
  • Designing a picture-led package
  • How pictures go together
  • The principles of composition and the different types of shot including cutaways, transitions, zooms, pans and tracks.
  • Basic camera technique and formats
  • Use of tripod and microphone
  • Interviewing for video and audio
  • What makes a good sound bite
  • How many questions to ask
  • Pieces to camera and presenting bulletins
  • Constructing reports
  • Constructing a timeline
  • Putting the interviewee’s name on the item
  • When and how to use graphics
  • Shooting pieces to camera to fit supplied material

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