Energy Reporting

Course Type: In-Company | Course Category: Journalism

Course Introduction

Understanding and covering this complex and often secretive market

What's it about?

The course will prepare attendees to cover international energy markets, at every level from physical crude to geo-political implications. The emphasis is on understanding how energy markets function, and how they are covered for investors seeking insight and opportunity in a complex and often secretive asset class. Attendees will learn valuable skills such as market jargon, derivative reporting, and disaster coverage which will equip them to produce stories at the level expected of international news agencies, and specialist energy publications.

Who should attend?

Senior journalists with at least three years’ experience committed to energy reporting.

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding of supply and demand
  • Practical coverage of physical and derivatives markets, using both fundamental and technical analysis
  • How to cover a complex breaking energy-based "disaster" story in a structured and relevant way
  • Ability to understand market jargon and turn it into clear, informative copy
  • Ability to analyse risk and assess geo-political fallout from energy-based news
  • Tips and guidelines to cover breaking news in a team


Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the mechanisms and compexities in the energy market. They will benefit from being able to better identify news stories and report on them in a clear and engaging manner.

Course Structure Highlights

The basics of the oil and gas market

  • upstream and downstream activities
  • supply and demand
  • producing refined products
  • pricing differentials
  • oil market jargon

Futures and options

  • derivative instruments
  • futures prices

Geo politics and oil

  • assessing risk for investors
  • covering a disaster
  • OPEC coverage

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