Report Writing

Course Type: In-Company | Course Category: Writing

Course Introduction

Structuring and writing effective reports

What's it about?

Writing reports can be a time-consuming and often challenging task. How do you know if your labour has been productive? Has your report been useful and relevant? This workshop is about making sure the reports you write actually get read and the contents acted upon. The course offer suggestions on how to improve your writing style, structure your report and adapt the actual presentation.

Who should attend?

This course is for any report writers looking to produce more effective documents.

Learning outcomes

  • Write more efficiently

  • Understand the functions of different kinds of reports, especially evaluations and proposals

  • Adapt and focus the writing on the needs of the target audience

  • Organise material effectively to support explanations and arguments

  • Create effective summaries and introductions – and clearly understand the difference between the two

  • Improve the style of their text on three levels: paragraph, sentence, word

  • Improve their presentation of material to make it easier to navigate


Participants will benefit from being able to produce useful and relevant documents which will help their managers and colleagues make better-informed, more efficient decisions.

Course Structure Highlights

  • Why does writing well matter?
  • Identifying what makes writing effective
  • Overt messages and hidden messages
  • Key principles of functional writing
  • Evaluations and proposals: objectives, audience, structure
  • Time management: a structural approach to writing
  • Getting to the point: summarising and grouping
  • Chunking and sequencing: core planning techniques
  • Six modes of explanation
  • Persuasion in three dimensions
  • Logic: deductive and inductive

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