Creative Writing

Course Type: In-Company | Course Category: Writing

Course Introduction

Exploring new techniques and creative styles for accomplishing every day writing

What's it about?

When we write for a living as communications or business professionals we regularly stagnate, finding tasks routine and mundane. This course will help you to tap into your creativity and incorporate it into everyday writing tasks. It will also offer advice and techniques on how to overcome writer's block and approach writing in a more structured and effective way.

Who should attend?

Anyone writing for a wide range of communication mediums, including online and social media platforms. Highly suitable for beginners and a shot in the arm for more experienced writers.

Learning outcomes

  • Produce creative, compelling copy that engages your readers  write more fluently on any
  • Topic, for any purpose 
  • Boost your confidence in your own creative ability 
  • Find fresh new approaches to well- worn topics 
  • Write faster and more fluently
  • Be organised and efficient in the writing process 
  • Plan your work and structure your piece 
  • Banish 'writer's block' forever.


Participants will benefit from this injection of creativity and return to writing refreshed and enthusiastic about trying new styles and techniques.

Course Structure Highlights

  • Writing to communicate and engage
  • The three golden rules of effective writing
  • Injecting colour and movement with different techniques
  • Analysing the audience
  • Creating a simple message for impact
  • Choosing words wisely
  • Removing jargon and technical language
  • Using metaphors, anecdotes and examples

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