Writing Brochures

Course Type: In-Company | Course Category: Writing

Course Introduction

Presenting a captivating and clear message to persuade your market

What's it about?

Capturing your message in a brochure or leaflet requires careful planning and precise writing. This workshop shows you how to capture the essence of your product or service and drive enquiries. Whether you work in a creative agency or in-house, brochures and leaflets are your product or service showrooms, this practical course helps you write compelling copy that really works.

Who should attend?

This workshop would benefit anyone in business and is relevant for all those involved in writing, editing or reviewing brochures and leaflets.

Learning outcomes

  • How to create immediate impact with your brochure

  • How to tell a compelling story

  • How to develop effective themes in longer print collateral, such as brochures

  • Understanding the balance of imagery and its effect

  • How to gain response/interaction from your brochure

  • How new technologies impact on traditional writing

  • Managing word choice and sentence structure to get your message across


This course encourages writing teams to plan and write brochures or leaflets that exceed expectations and drive sales and enquiries. Participants will examine best practice structure, how to sell using benefits and write compelling copy that will influence readers and impress work colleagues.

Course Structure Highlights

  • Planning and structuring a brochure or leaflet
  • Collateral from front to back
  • Selling on benefits not just features
  • Effective headlines and titles
  • Barriers to communicating your message
  • Balancing words and pictures
  • Using clear, plain English
  • E-brochure writing

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