Speech Writing

Course Type: In-Company | Course Category: Writing

Course Introduction

Producing persuasive, engaging speeches for impact

What's it about?

Speech-making is a requirement for most business leaders, politicians, civil servants and other figures in the public eye. Some write their own speeches; others delegate the task to speechwriters. This workshop looks at a variety of techniques used to produce successful speeches that can engage an audience.

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at everyone who is involved in the production of speeches and presentations, whether researching and writing their own, or someone else's.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify the profile of your speaker and the purpose of the speech
  • Use a toolkit of techniques for structuring speeches that make an impact
  • Employ methods to inject colour, drama and impact into speeches and presentations
  • Gain confidence in your ability to write a strong speech
  • Establish and maintain rapport to keep the attention of the audience
  • Audience analysis – demographic analysis and a basic overview of neuro-linguistic programming


Participants will benefit from being able to produce speeches that are more competent and credible, enhancing their speaker’s ability to influence decision makers and gain acceptance of ideas.

Course Structure Highlights

  • Research and outline your speech
  • Set objectives
  • Write with the audience in mind
  • Craft powerful openings and memorable conclusions
  • Anticipate questions and craft answers with brevity and impact
  • Develop the best speech structure
  • Learn from the techniques used by great orators
  • Season your speech with quotations, humour and anecdotes
  • Tailor a speech to the speaker’s style

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