Writing Tenders & Bids

Course Type: In-Company | Course Category: Writing

Course Introduction

Produce, structure and write compelling and convincing content

What's it about?

Writing a tender or bid in response to an invitation to tender (ITT) or request for proposal (RFP) is often a key part of winning new business, especially for larger contracts. Even when a contract is not put out to tender, winning the business still frequently involves writing a sales proposal. Yet many people see it as a chore – an obstacle between the ‘real’ work of meeting the client and the end goal of closing the sale. Little wonder when the formal bid-writing process can seem like a marathon compliance exercise that leaves little room for persuasion and sales skills.

Who should attend?

Anyone writing or contributing to proposals, competitive bids or other sales documents

Learning outcomes

  • Address the client’s or prospect’s needs
  • Establish and build rapport
  • Write confidently and clearly, for impact
  • Construct sound, clear sentences
  • Ensure grammar and punctuation don’t let you down
  • Choose a clear, consistent layout
  • Use graphics to draw clients in to   the sales document
  • Focus on relationship building and speed up the sale.


Delegates will be furnished with the tools and techniques to aid in the development of more compelling and convincing proposals, bids and tenders.

Course Structure Highlights

  • setting a clear objective
  • build a persuasive structure
  • get your key sales messages across
  • focus on the ‘win themes’
  • use executive summaries to sell to decision-makers
  • write persuasively at all times
  • manage multiple bid-writing contributions

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